First Blog

I cannot stop reading professional blogs such as those by George Couros and Shelley Wright! The course I am taking for my Master’s of Education, Intro to Ed Admin, led me to George’s connected principals site, and I have been following all of his blogs since, and also any blogs re recommends. That led me to Shelly Wright, and I am very excited as to what she is writing about in regards to her classroom and education in general. I have bulked up my twitter account, am following as many teachers, principals, learners as I can, trying to list the best ones as favorites, while still tweeting for my students and following certain sports writers, bands, and athletes to fulfill personal interests.

Please be patient with me as I learn how to complete the computer aspects of this blog, but I hope to be beginning the creation of something special, and hope to collaborate with other educators around the world to accomplish what should be all of our goals, teaching what is best for our students.

I am teaching algebra 2 and business mathematics, and would to receive communication from any educators around the world who are teaching similar subjects, or are interested in helping me along this road of blogging. thanks

my twitter handle is @mrdavidaca.  give me a follow, I’ll return the favor!



About davidschroeder

I am a 30 year old substitute teacher in Whitehorse, Y.T. I am currently looking for a teaching job, while taking my graduate studies in Educational Administration through Brandon University.

3 responses to “First Blog”

  1. swpax says :

    Best wishes in your educational journey, including sharing your learning online. It took me a long time to warm up to it, open up and share my learning publicly; still working on it. Nice to see tou diving right in.

  2. Joy Kirr says :

    Welcome to the world of connected educators! Hang on and enjoy the ride!!

  3. Brett says :

    Sounds good buddy! Excited to see what you learn. Always game for a little inspiration.

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