Student Reflection on my Teaching

Student Reflection on my Teaching


I handed out my first “student reflection” papers on my teaching today. It is something that I have considered in my first two years of teaching, yet never followed through on.  I decided it would be helpful to receive feedback from my students on what I can improve on, and what they really appreciate about me.  I believe it shows confidence and a willingness to improve when you open yourself up to constructive criticism, especially from fifteen and sixteen year old students. This reflection is not for the faint of heart, as I soon found out, however, I really appreciated the honesty of the students, and the noticeable patterns in the answers gave me an accurate reflection of their thoughts.  I stressed that students should not write their names on the reflections, and to stay away from any general statements about whether they like me or not.  I stressed the sole purpose of this reflection is for me to improve as an educator, and the more honest they were, the more helpful they were being.

One student brought up an interesting point, asking why I wasn’t doing this in October or November, so I could improve within the school year. I explained that I was using this reflection to improve on my teaching for next year, but it could be a great exercise to use early in a school year to make changes immediately based on the first quarter of a school year.

I used the following questions for my reflection, and will continue to tweak these questions for the future, but will be continuing this practice, within the school year and at the end, always with the goal of improving as a teacher.

What am I really good at?

What could I do a better job of?

What was the best part about coming to Algebra 2?

What was the worst part about coming to Algebra 2?

2 Things you absolutely have to remember for Mr. David’s class are:

In order to survive Mr. David’s class you need to:

Mr. David really doesn’t like it when:

My final advice is:




About davidschroeder

I am a 30 year old substitute teacher in Whitehorse, Y.T. I am currently looking for a teaching job, while taking my graduate studies in Educational Administration through Brandon University.

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